Ready to learn and be your own healing master?

Muneeza Ahmed - Intuitive Medicine Woma




It’s time to learn how to be your own healing master.

The truth is you’ll never know how to be truly healthy without learning how to dance with detox. Our world is heavily polluted – these toxins affect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.



Sacred Grounding Rituals


Deep Cleansing


Soul Opening

Once You Become the Healing Master...

You will understand your body’s needs at the deepest level.

  • Experience abundant energy to live your life’s purpose
  • Be empowered to dance with the ups and downs of your health journey
  • Gain the knowledge to navigate mystery symptoms that keep you feeling exhausted, sick, and worn down
  • Never feel alone in your health journey
  • Gain the tools to understand your own path - your own journey to healing soul, spirit and body
  • Create your own divine healing path through teachings that not only cover the food, but also what heals your soul and connects you with your own divine intuition


  • Struggling to use intuition to detox and find a path to healing
  • Held back by chronic illness symptoms
  • Depleted of energy
  • Battling bloat, tummy problems, indigestion, and constipation
  • Suffering with chronic pain, skin issues, hair loss, and flares
  • Frustrated and depressed at being held hostage by poor health
  • Overcome by anxiety or neurological symptoms
  • Trapped in a victim mindset
Now, if you are ready for the next level of healing, and you desire to not be alone in your health journey for the next three months, Meet Detox Mastery.
  • You know the importance of detoxing because you live it and now you need support to deepen your understanding of advanced detox protocols.
  • You desire and deserve a deepened faith in your ability to heal.
  • You long for a solution that supports your whole being - physical, emotional, and spiritual.
  • This program will help you connect the dots for your healing journey
  • You are ready to experience a radical healing and radical shift in your vibrational energy, which results in changing the world.


Included in Detox Mastery:

Detox Mastery | 3-month group coaching

Throughout this course, you will…
engage in self-discovery and reflection
Materials for Intuitive Detox Mastery
  • Love Your Body Journal - a transformative experience: 45 days of love letters to your body and 45 days of love letters from your body to you
  • Wellness Diary - a daily check-in of what foods are working for you benefit from constant support
  • Recipe Guide and Meal Plans - 137 recipes; nourishing your body has never been easier!
  • Facebook Group - a place to share and receive support in your learning
  • Facebook Office Hours - Muneeza will be answering questions during designated Office Hours
  • Email Support - weekly check-ins to help keep you focused on your journey

Participate in LIVE and Pre-recorded Instruction!

Live Q&A
  • 11 Video Classes - 3 to 4 per month covering both physical and emotional healing
  • 6 LIVE! Q&A Calls - 2 opportunities per month to hear the answers to health questions related to the prerecorded call topics
  • LIVE! Case Study Call - your chance to ask questions and present your healing plan based on an actual client’s health intake form
  • LIVE! Kick-Off and LIVE! Closing Calls - setting you up for success in this program and continued victory in the future
Month-by-Month Details:
This 3-month course will teach you how to cleanse and invigorate your body, mind, emotions, and spirit – the whole of YOU.
Month 1 - Sacred Grounding Rituals

  • LIVE! Kick-Off Call
  • Prerecorded Call 1 - Liver, Lymph, and Handling Emotions in the Facebook Group
  • New!!! Prerecorded Call - Liver Health
  • New!!! Prerecorded Call - The Autoimmune Cycle
  • LIVE! Q&A Call 1* - Your Body’s Detox System, Liver Health & the Autoimmune Cycle
  • Prerecorded Call 2 - Deciphering Emotions: Understanding Victim vs. Victorhood
  • LIVE! Q&A Call 2* - Cleansing Your Home of EMFs AND Deciphering Emotions: Understanding Victim vs. Victorhood WITH Emotion Code Demonstration

*LIVE! Q&A Calls: You may submit 1 question per month focused on the call topic.

  • Your Body’s Detox System - how to support your lymph, spleen, liver, and colon PLUS techniques such as saunas, vitamin C IV therapy, and more
  • Liver Health - promote deeper healing through meditations, optional 3-6-9 cleanse, and more
  • Autoimmune Cycle - learn how to exit this health trap
  • Connecting Back to Earth - meditations to help ground you
  • Full & New Moon Ritual - celebrate the power of the full and new moons
  • Sister Circle - a support unlike any other
  • Cleansing Your Home - learn how to counteract EMFs for your greater well-being
  • Victim Vs. Victor-hood - take responsibility to release unhealthy mindsets
  • Compassion - explore the connection between compassion and healing
  • Recipe Guide - 68 recipes
  • Meal Plans - 4 weeks
  • Wellness Guide
  • Love Your Body Journal
  • Sister Circle handout - 1 page
  • Call 1 handout - 7 pages
  • Love Your Liver handout - 6 pages
  • Call 2 handout - 14 pages
Month 2 - Deep Cleansing

  • Prerecorded Call 3 - Tonics & Teas (with creating a salt bowl ritual)
  • New!!! Prerecorded Call - Children’s Health
  • LIVE! Q&A Call 3* - Tonics & Teas, Creating Rituals & Children’s Health
  • Prerecorded Call 4 - The Gifts of Suffering
  • Bonus Prerecorded Call - Emotional Support and  Clearing Tools
  • Special Guest Admin : Essential Oils and How to Use Them on your Healing Journey
  • LIVE! Q&A Call 4* - The Gifts of Suffering AND Emotional Support and Clearing Tools WITH Demonstration
    ** Three admins will talk live about emotional clearing procedures to answer questions with Muneeza and do a demo.

*LIVE! Q&A Calls: You may submit 1 question per month focused on the call topic.

  • Tonics & Teas - a concise study of the top, healing herbs PLUS an exercise to create a tea recipe tailored to address a specific health need
  • Ritual - discover the power of ritual to connect to your intuition PLUS create your own salt bowl
  • Soul, Heart, and Spirit - the whole of you
  • Energetic Cleansing - clear yourself to become centered, grounded, and to move forward
  • Thought Field Therapy - intro to this field PLUS exercises to help release blocks and trauma
  • The Gifts of Suffering - a window of light emerging from the darkness
  • Transition Recipe Guide - 69 recipes
  • Transition Meal Plans - 4 weeks
  • Wellness Guide
  • Love Your Body Journal
  • Call 3 handout - 9 pages
  • Call 4 handout - 8 pages
  • Bonus call handout - 11 pages
Month 3 - Soul Opening

  • Prerecorded Call 5 - Adrenals, Blood Sugar, and Related Symptoms
  • LIVE! Q&A Call 5* - Adrenals, Blood Sugar, and Related Symptoms
  • Prerecorded Call 6 - Building Faith
  • New!!! Prerecorded Call - How to Deepen Intuition
  • LIVE! Case Study Call**
  • LIVE! Q&A Call 6* - Building Faith & Deepening Intuition
  • LIVE! Closing Call

*LIVE! Q&A Calls: You may submit 1 question per month focused on the call topic.

  • Adrenals and Blood Sugar Balance - critical to your overall well-being
  • Adrenaline Addiction - a critical concept to understand
  • Case Study - receive an actual client’s health intake form and work with your sister circle to develop a healing plan - then join all the admins on a LIVE! call to share your work and hear other perspectives
  • Building Faith - learn how to build faith in the midst of hardship
  • 3 Key Ways to Increase Intuition - access your intuition and use it to empower yourself
  • Journey to Yourself - transform your mindset to release what holds you back
  • Transition Recipe Guide - 69 recipes (same as month 2)
  • Transition Meal Plans - 4 weeks
  • Wellness Guide
  • Love Your Body Journal
  • Call 5 handout - 6 pages
  • Call 6 handout - 11 pages
  • Case Study Call handout - 10 pages


  • THREE additional case studies based on actual clients’ health intake forms
  • Private practitioner study groups - work with other practitioners to share and gain knowledge
  • Opportunity to submit questions - the most pertinent of which will be answered on the live calls
  • THREE 1-hour LIVE! teaching calls to discuss each case and answer questions


Sign Up for the Detox Mastery Program and access your bonuses!


21 Essential Angels and
12 Life-Changing Angels cut-out cards

2 Printable posters


2 Printable Posters

Bonus Collage


Love Your Liver, Sister Circle, Full & New Moon Ritual and Autoimmune Cycle Handouts

You Pay only $997

*Payment plan available

Testimonial 1

The Value of Your Health = PRICELESS

Personal Note from Muneeza Ahmed


I instinctively designed this Detox Mastery program to support you with an all-encompassing, natural, approach to detox with delicious meals for 3 months. But more than that, my intention is to teach you how to support your whole being – the physical, emotional, and spiritual. My desire is that you take the tools I give you to craft your own Intuitive Healing Path.

Taking control of your health is a revolutionary act of love for yourself.

I created this program for people like you and me. We need to get unstuck!

In my experience, this is where we get stuck:


  1. Are you in some level of PTSD?
  2. Are you panicking?
  3. Do you hold a belief that you will never get better?
  4. Do you think your protocol has stopped working?
  5. Do you feel stuck on your health journey or that your health is plateauing?



By the end of Intuitive Detox Mastery,
You will have the TOOLS to:
  • Recognize an emotional block aka “stuckness”
  • Recognize when fear is triggering your adrenals and use the tools provided to rebuild and restore
  • Learn how to deepen your faith by understanding how your body unequivocally supports you in every way
  • Learn how to pivot and adjust your protocol for continued results
  • Work through a plateau using physical, emotional and spiritual tools


“ I will still feel the effects of this program in a year’s time. It’s totally changed the path I was on.

 In many ways, it’s been the missing piece for me. The support, the community, the knowledge, the space and the love. It’s emotional just to think how things have changed and to know that it is a permanent change. I feel blessed. The sister circles are a gift to behold. The way Muneeza so delicately handled my question on the last Q&A – brought tears to my eyes and I can’t get it out of my head. I just felt so taken care of.

I occupy a different space these days. I own all the parts of me, I’ve faced up to trauma, angelic miracles and fear that have been hidden away as I dare not even go there. To sum up, the biggest shift has been the emotional part. I always knew this was important but didn’t put it into practice or prioritize it in the way I ought too. Having done this I feel very powerful, that I have important things to say in the world and important messages for my kids. That’s a real gift – thank you.”

– Amy Jones –

“Muneeza really connects all the dots. I was a client of Anthony’s, but we never had time to go deep on things.

…This course has provided a level of understanding and discovery that seems to know no depths. What we learned will be an invaluable resource, which will guide me through my continued journey.

– Claire Ciccotelli –



Say Yes to Healing!

We begin on April 15th
This is your moment to access the true you


*Payment plan available


Frequently Asked Questions

I know there are many cleanses and detoxes available.  However, the Detox Mastery is unlike any of them. While there are some “rules” to the cleanse, so much of it is in your control.  This cleanse was designed for you to customize it to your unique needs. And this program is so much more than just a physical detox. You will focus on accessing your intuition and learn how to support your whole self – physical, emotional, and spiritual. This is NOT a one-size-fits-all program!

Not at all! There are over 130 recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and there is room for snacks in between. Every meal is delicious and created by me to nourish your body from the inside out. This program is not about starvation or deprivation, and we are not counting calories or dwelling on carbs. You will feel satisfied with every bite. If you do get hungry, there are extra snack recipes included!

We are only ridding the processed and refined sugars that are toxic and rob nutrients from the body. You’ll enjoy plenty of fresh fruit full of natural sugars to properly fuel brain, liver, and heart functions.

Of course not! The recipes included in the program are anything but boring. You will experience freedom from unhealthy cravings, and you will enjoy more energy, an amazing improvement in health, and even stable, elevated moods.

The only supplements I recommend that everyone take on a daily basis are a probiotic, zinc, and B12. You’ll learn why these supplements are so important in this program.

If you are pregnant, the cleanse can be modified to make it as gentle to your body as possible. This is done by including cooked foods and healthy fats, and by making other modifications that can be discussed in the Facebook group or on a live call.

If you are nursing, I would recommend adding healthy, plant-based fats to your meals and boost your morning smoothie with hemp seeds. Adding additional fruit will improve the quality of your breast milk. There are no detox-inducing agents or stimulants as this cleanse is based solely on whole, natural foods. But if you experience concerns, be sure to speak with your healthcare professional.

While at first, you may experience a healing phase as you let go of toxins and begin healing, overall you will feel amazingly healthy, energized, and rejuvenated. You will also receive guidance on how to use the cleanse based on what your body needs to reduce any symptoms or the likelihood of a symptom flare.

Our world is so toxic that it’s impossible to escape poison in our everyday lives. Even people who eat clean on a daily basis can still benefit from a detox to reset digestion and learn more about their bodies.

While the Intuitive Detox Mastery is based on eating only whole, natural foods, it’s advised that you consult with your physician before beginning this or any program.

Absolutely. The program is 3 months long during which time you are fully expected to live your life. What you will learn over these 3 months will empower you for your entire life wherever it takes you. The support you will receive can benefit you as you travel to help keep you on track for abundant wellness. The program materials will be yours forever to be referenced at any time. Questions for the LIVE! Q&A Calls will be submitted in advance and will be answered regardless of whether or not you’re able to make the live call. All LIVE! Calls will be recorded.

To achieve vibrant health, we must support ourselves during the calm times, but also and more importantly, during the busy times. I want you to be empowered for life and that means learning to take care of your whole self – physical, emotional, and spiritual, throughout all the chaos that life has to offer. This program will teach you how to do just that. The program materials can be followed closely over three months or spread out and followed at the pace that is right for you. Questions for the LIVE! Q&A Calls will be submitted in advance and will be answered regardless of whether or not you’re able to make the live call. All LIVE! Calls will be recorded. All the materials will be yours forever and can be picked up at any time to continue your learning.

NOTE: It is important to consult your physician before beginning any new eating or exercise program. This is a clean-eating program designed to teach you the difference between foods that inflame you and foods that fuel you. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

“Experience life with a fresh perspective, a clean slate, and a nourished body that feels less like a run-down failing machine and more like a temple oasis devoted to experiencing life at its fullest, most glorious capacity.”

About Muneeza

I’m known as the Intuitive Medicine Woman™. A medicine woman in ancient times was the holistic person in the village people went to when they didn’t feel well. She would concoct remedies to help them feel better. I have had a calling to be a medicine woman and healer since I was a little girl. I would walk around with my medicine bag full of imaginary healing tools and herbs and offer them to whomever was in need. As an adult, I still carry a medicine bag - only now it is filled with a blend of herbs, minerals, homeopathy and essential oils.

I have been intuitively healing since I was a little girl; I have been helping people to true wellness my whole life. Now I do it as my living, my purpose and my path. I became a client of the Medical Medium ®, Anthony William, in 2012 and my journey catapulted, both in terms of my health and my life purpose. I am so grateful to have this knowledge to help others to live a healthful, empowered life. The simple act of helping someone feel better is one of my greatest joys. I must tell you the truth. It’s not your fault we live in a toxic world. But it’s our reality, and only you can take matters into your own hands to keep yourself safe from the poison that’s in our food, air and water.

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