After nearly two years of teaching about the dangers of GMOs, watching the Connecticut bill to label GMs in our food supply fall through, to watch a similar bill fall through in Vermont, I FINALLY have some amazing news to share about GMs in our food supply!!! Via Mike Adams (who I love) from Natural News (click the link to read the full article) there is some freakin’ awesome news about Genetic Modification.

Researchers from Lumora, which is out of Cambridge University in the UK have come up with a technology that using light, can detect even as low as 0.1% GM contamination in food and crops. It works on the fly and is an award winning technology. This is incredibly amazing news, so much that from being ready to fall asleep, I am now wide awake. What this means for the GM world, is that we might not need labeling???? So far, Monsanto has bullied and threatened to sue those who get in its way of proliferating GMs throughout the world. Well now there is a way for us to know where GMs are, and to potentially address the contamination of non-GM and even organic crop fields from GM crops or seeds. Heck, we may even be able to address the GM contamination of our own cells!

Who knows what the next step is in the practical use of this technology in our world, but the best news ever, is that it exists. And if I know anything about human beings, when they know they have something good, they find a way to put it to use. It will be an interesting space to watch develop. I for one will be eagerly following the stories emanating from this development. Stay tuned!!!

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