My recent Grains, Beans, and Strep – Oh My! post received SO many inquiries, I decided to put together a little FAQ / QA sheet for you to refer back to. Let me know below in the comments if this is helpful, I can put these together on other topics.


Q: Is it O.K. to eat green lentil pasta?

A: This really depends on whether you are able to handle it. If you can, great. If your symptoms are acute or chronic and debilitating, I may not recommend it and would suggest you make more room for healing foods.


Q: I really depend on beans, lentils, and chickpeas. Can I continue eating them? 

A: You can have them, but do it in moderation depending on your symptoms. This could mean 3-4 times a week for a healthy person, once a week for someone who is having some difficulty with their health, and possibly not at all for a person who is struggling with their health. If you decide to phase these unsupportive foods out, take it one step at a time and look at my tips above.


Q: How will I know when I can bring grains or beans back into my diet?

A: As your symptoms improve (i.e., your viral and strep loads are reduced), you can bring a little back in and see how you feel.


Q: What about cassava? Does this fall in the same category as not helpful for healing?

A: Correct, it is not a healing food. It is not one of the Holy Four: fruits, vegetables, herbs, and wild foods. It is grain-free and clean, so it works for a lot of people. But some people react to it. If you react to it, it should be avoided. People could react to it because it is processed or due to unlabeled contamination.


Q: My kids love beans. Is it O.K. to give some to them daily?

A: I would not do beans everyday. Make every other day just potatoes and avocados, as a suggestion. If your kids are healthy, they can do more days with beans. If they have symptoms, you should consider reducing the number of days they eat beans.


Q: How about green beans, green peas and split peas?

A: Green beans and green peas are fine. Split peas are similar to lentils.


Q: When dealing with strep, are kelp noodles O.K.?

A: Yes


Q: Is it possible to heal mild acne, if I only eat grains like millet very rarely? Or is it imperative to let go of grain?

A: It’s not imperative, but can be very helpful for faster healing. If it’s really rare, you may be O.K.


Q: I feel better when I eat beans. Is that because of the fat?

A: Correct. Consuming fat releases adrenaline, which in turn can give us an adrenal high and help us feel better.


Q: Is rice O.K.?

A: Rice is a grain and not the best kind. All grains can create an environment that is hard to heal strep and other viral pathogens. If you are going to eat grain, your best grain choices are millet and quinoa. 


Q: Are these foods O.K. as sprouts?

A: Sprouted beans, lentils, and chickpeas are actually in the best form for consumption. When sprouted, they are more like a holy food.


Q: The hummus I use has guar gum. Is that safe?

A: I do not recommend guar gum for regular consumption.


Q: Are lentil flours worse because they’re more processed?

A: Correct.



To your health, happiness and wellness,



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