My Free Dehydrator Recipes Now

  • Do you need more variety and flavor in your foods?
  • Do you want to serve something more exciting, yet healthy at parties or for the holidays?
  • Are you transitioning from a Standard American Diet and need more support to get cleaner and more raw?

These Dehydrator Recipes are FOR YOU!

These recipes are a labor of love. Over the last ten years, I have been tinkering with dehydrator recipes to create alternatives to processed foods for my kids.

And the result is these few recipes (our favorites) that I wanted to gift to you!


When we first went raw, we missed cooked foods a lot. And I started to toy with dehydrated foods for more flavor. They are delicious and contain none of the processed junk in store bought foods.

What you will get when you download:

  • 6 of my family’s favorite dehydrator recipes

  • Tips on how to make them without a dehydrator

  • Understanding why dehydration is better than cooking

  • A bread alternative that you and your kids will LOVE!


Hi I’m Muneeza, I’m known as the Intuitive Medicine WomanTM. A medicine woman in ancient times was the only holistic person in the village everyone went to when they didn’t feel well. She would concoct remedies to help them feel better. I have had a calling to be a medicine woman and healer since I was a little girl. I would walk around with my medicine bag full of imaginary healing tools and herbs and offer them to whomever was in need. As an adult, I still carry a medicine bag. My bag has a blend of herbs, minerals, homeopathy and essential oils. Whenever anyone around me is not feeling well, they ask me if I have a remedy. The simple act of helping someone feel better is one of my greatest joys. I have been intuitively healing since I was a little girl, I have been helping people to true wellness my whole life. Now I do it as my living, my purpose and my path. I must tell you the truth. It’s not your fault we live in a toxic world. But it’s our reality, and only you can take matters into your own hands to keep yourself safe from the poison that’s in our food, air and water.

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