Are you close to quitting? Are you wondering why your healing detox is not working for you?

Are you close to quitting? Are you wondering why your healing detox is not working for you?

Ever been on the low end of your health and feeling like you are never going to get out of it? Yeah, I know you have been there, so have I. And plain and simple, it sucks.

Here’s the truth, though – I love what Anthony William, Medical Medium shares – no two days are the same and things are always changing. And this too will pass. I hear you, WHEN? You ask. I cannot go on one more day like this. For those who have lower viral loads, or less aggressive viruses, or low levels of toxins or really great detox pathways, you may or may not have faced being on the utter brink of giving up with your health that I am talking about here. But those with chronic health issues where you cannot get up out of bed, or move, or do the things that you could do before, and are living a life FAR FAR different from the one you dreamed about, please know that there is hope. I know many of you are in chronic pain in your nerves, joints, muscles, bones, in your head with migraines and may be experiencing a really high level of viral symptoms, or having multiple viruses and bacteria as well as radiation and heavy metal toxicity… and you feel so bad you feel its not worth living this life.

You would never have before ever had these thoughts of not wanting to embody your physical being, but you feel so so terrible, that those thoughts are coming up daily. Its not worth living like this. I would rather die than continue.

Let me share something with you. If you are following Medical Medium protocols, eating fresh fruits and vegetables and supported with some key supplements for your health, you have access to and have implemented some of the best health care on planet earth. I ask you this, if you are eating food grown from Mother Earth, how can you not heal? My personal belief is that it is a question of when, not if.

You have to understand that we live in a very toxic world. We are faced with toxins DAILY that feed viruses. Our air is polluted with heavy metals, industrial waste, VOCs. Our water is polluted with fluoride, chlorine and all the drugs that are peed out by the prescription taking public. This can include birth control (yes, men and boys if you are drinking unfiltered water, you are getting doses of female birth control), antibiotics (you eat antibiotic free meat? You are still exposed by drinking tap water), and other drugs that people take. These are not necessarily filtered out of our water supply. Also there can be run off from farms and pesticides, also containing heavy metals and glyphosate and other dangerous chemicals. And what about our food supply? Its loaded with chemical fertilizers, pesticides and GMOs. Even our organic food contains some level of pesticide as it is not required to be 100% chemical free in order to be labelled organic.

Yes. I know. It sounds depressing. But I will tell you – those fruits and vegetables you are eating, are saving your life. Those herbal teas you are drinking, they pull all kinds of poisons out of your body. And you are detoxing daily by eating that way. So poisons are always being pulled out of you.

You may not be aware of this, but often in the most severe cases of malaise, you can experience more aggressive symptoms and pain as you are healing. Pain can be a huge symptom of the liver healing and letting go, in some cases.

Why do I share this? Well because it is only very recent that we have even become aware of all the information that Anthony William, Medical Medium has shared with us about how to heal and in the recent few years, its just not enough sometimes to see a complete healing. Many of us are finding his information in our 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, sometimes even later. So we have had tens of years eating wrong and being exposed to poisons. Those are not going to all come out and you heal in 6 months (although you can find that you do get better in 6 months, sometimes the journey is longer), sometimes we need 3-4 years for a full healing. I wish I could tell you that there was a one quick fix – there is not.

I personally have been dealing with a sluggish liver for years and my weight does not move like I want it to. I could get upset and depressed (and I have certainly been there), but because I do not like how that feels, I always look for the light. I feel peaceful inside often because I know that in time, I WILL heal. This is the message I want you all to know. No matter WHERE you are in your journey, no matter HOW bad you feel, you will heal. I have had breathing issues for YEARS. Literally not able to breathe, struggling. It really killed my nervous system. And after weeks and months of doing things right, I started to feel shifts. I have clients I know who are bed ridden or on very low function, and they slowly by doing the protocols have turned around, inch by inch.

Some people have the opposite problem – meaning that they lose weight too quickly. You have to know that weight is simply a function of the rest of your health and a stable healthy weight is what we eventually want to aim for. Sometimes when we lose weight too quickly we are letting go of some stuff that they body can do very quickly and we can put weight back on again. The problem is that most people who are either gaining weight or losing weight, think at the time, that this is a problem that will last forever. And it wont. Your body is always changing. I used to be a size 2 at one point on my healing journey. I am now a size 8-10. Can I be different? Yes. But I am not focused on the size of my clothing, and yet I UNDERSTAND how much of our energy as women is focused on to weight. If you are able to give yourself a gift through healing work, aim to disconnect your fixation on weight and size. All those things indicate where the state of our health is at but more weight does not equal unhealthy and less weight does not always equal healthy. At my size 2, I felt a little too gaunt in my body.

Also each of us has our unique blend of viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides etc. We have unique detoxification pathways in the body that in some of us work better than in others. So we have to be gentle with ourselves and our bodies. And while you may want to you push yourself to do a more aggressive detox, your body might not be able to handle it AT ALL and you have to go very slow. And I know the frustration this can bring. It SUCKS. In one word. SUCKS.

We crave things we are not supposed to eat and we can be so emotionally tied to what is happening in our bodies and it becomes hard to do the things we even want to. So i encourage you to get emotional support if you face this. It can be critical to get this support, because it can mean the difference between staying on track and not. If you find yourself around people who are not supporting your journey, or who create doubt for you, remove yourself from them. If you are in a group where there is a lot of fear, get out. The energy of fear does NOT help us. We have to be supported along our path. Yes, doubts happen, but there is no other person on this planet who has identified the viruses and poisons we face so CLEARLY as has Anthony William, Medical Medium and the pathway to heal, from Spirit of Most High. We are pioneers healing our bodies this way. And there are tens of thousands of examples of success here, where people had NO success using other methods or diets.

If you are struggling, I want you to remember this:

  • everything changes
  • you have the best health care plan
  • it is possible to 100% heal for every human in this world
  • you are facing poisons every day, so there are times those can trigger flares
  • You will heal even if you experience flares
  • if something is not working, we have still more work to do
  • it is really scary when you experience symptoms that are new, and you don’t know where they are from
  • you are LOVED
  • you WILL HEAL its a question of when, not if.

All of you who are on a healing journey and struggling: you have my total respect and compassion. I want you to KNOW this.

I am with you. I am praying for you. I support you.

Together we heal.

123 thoughts on “Are you close to quitting? Are you wondering why your healing detox is not working for you?”

  1. I know this is an old post, but this is exactly where I am right now! I first started getting sick when I was in college, never sick enough to debilitated me, if fact, I thought I was really healthy. In 2007 I went off birth control, struggled with hair loss and had terrible depression and anxiety. It happened again after going back on and then off the pull again and after the birth of my children. My hair never all grew back and I was on a roller coaster of anxiety and fight or flight ever since. My hair stopped falling out from 2013-2017 and then started again after a stressful year. I have struggled with on and off hair loss and it getting thinner and not growing back every time. In 2020 I got really sick, leading to 24/7 heartburn, severe erosive esophagitis, yellow stools, undigested food (I literally couldn’t digest lettuce) and a thyroid cancer diagnosis in April 2021 (no symptoms, found by accident). I started following MM in August 2021. My hair stopped falling out in October 2021 (but still never grew back). But, my other symptoms weren’t changing and I felt hopeless. In September 2022 I found out my esophagus was completely healed with no medical intervention. The cancer has remained stable (I opted for active monitoring) and my thyroid function is perfect. In February 2023 after doing my first 369 cleanse my heartburn disappeared, my bowel movements were not yellow, and I am digesting food all for the first time in 2 years. But now my hair is falling out again in mass quantities, which I don’t understand because there’s very little left. I went through anger and hopelessness wondering how I could have healed so much but have gone so backwards here. I have moments of doubt where I think, “maybe it’s genetic,” despite what Anthony says. But I also know I had very high active EBV and HHV6 antibodies, toxic levels of 7 heavy metals in my organs (lead level was120 when normal should be <3) and no doubt that my adrenals have been severely struggling for at least 15 years; so I have so much to heal. I recently started the hair loss protocol and am holding onto faith that this is just a setback and Anthony is as right about this as I have found him to be about everything else.

  2. I love this article. I am also part of your Feb monthly membership and your team is so wonderful in answering my questions. March will be a full year of being completely strict with MM and April will be 1 year of Fat free. I am trying to heal from Strep, EBV, and shingles (and was not a sickly child.) I experienced my first symptom about 1 1/2 years ago and went down here from there. This article definitely resonated with me on all levels. Thank you for all your hard work in trying to help us through this tough situation.

  3. Thank you for a wonderful post, those words to remind us each day we do change a little. Reading this helps. I have been battling hairloss for nearly 2 years. It just doesn’t stop falling out & no new hair grows. I have less hair now than when I was born. I too resigned from my job 2 years ago & now I dont leave the house unless I have a baseball cap on to hide my head. I now have a wig as its severe loss but they are so revolting to wear. I am following all the protocols & don’t miss a beat……but I pray that a time will come when I will grow hair again.

  4. OMG Muneeza, thank you for sharing this article on your IG! I was so sad this morning and when I logged in I saw your post about this topic. It has helped me tremendously! I really needed those words today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do. I love you deeply. Love Julia

  5. I have been doing part of the heavy metal detox smoothie for over 1.5 years now. I started to experience a lot more eye floaters and now that’s my main health complaint. They are driving me insane. I did get my retinas checked and there was no tear. Is it possible if you don’t do all of the ingredients, could heavy metals not be taken out properly and appear as floaters? AW says eye floaters are heavy metals. I don’t do the orange juice, dulse or cilantro. And now my grocery store only carries the mixed berry (wild, raspberries, blackberries).

  6. Thank you for this post! I have been very confused about how bad we should be feeling. I’m literally at a 10 with pain these past months. I have read in Liver rescue and heard MMs radio episode on Signs & Symptoms of Detox that you shouldn’t be feeling so horrible. I identify with the symptoms he is talking about of when you are on a wrong type of detox. So in my head I don’t understand why if I am following his protocols are things so bad. Especially because I am being guided. I have been detoxing for the past year & in the beginning I felt great! Almost immediately I was able to overcome a lot health issues I had been dealing with for years. Yet in July I cut off fat and started a mostly raw diet & I don’t think I’ve felt good not one day since then. It’s nonstop horrible symptoms. These flares have my adrenals running. I’m so tired and exhausted at this point. Things seem to get worse. I had to quit my job because I couldn’t even get out of bed back in August. I have been looking online to find people who share the same experiences so at least I can be sure I am not hurting myself but it has been hard. I would think things would be better by now. My spine and nerves from my head to my tail bone are so inflamed. My neck gets stuck. I basically don’t have a life because I am just waiting for night to go to sleep where at least once I am able to fall asleep I can rest. I have added cooked food, salt, & avocado back into my diet to slow down the detox and it has not helped.

    1. Meribeth, we shouldn’t be feeling bad at all! Level 10 pain means I would seek out pharmaceutical pain support if you are not able to gain traction quickly enough with Medical Medium information. What you are describing is high viral and toxin load, from the sounds of it. The thing is though, Meribeth adding those foods back in would not help because what you are experiencing is not from Detox. It is from exacerbation of the viral symptoms you are experiencing. Does that make sense? I sure hope you are doing better now.

  7. Margaret Hirst

    Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for this post. I really needed to hear this today
    I have been following MM information for 16 months now and it has been quite intense. I have a massive toxic and viral load and understand it will take time.
    I have just recently started with the most terrible itching. No rash, just an itch which is more like pain. I am sure this is the shingles virus. Not sure what to cut back on. I am up to 32oz CJ. The full recipe for HMDS. Several supplements and fatfree.
    I am getting exhausted from not sleeping due to itching..
    I will not give up. Thankyou and God Bless.

  8. Is there a way of lifting the intensity of the detox symptoms just so I can get through a day at work?
    I don’t want them to stop, as I really do want to heal, and this post found me tonight!
    I am feeling much worse than when I began, which I am embracing, but thankfully it’s the weekend and be I can rest.
    But the reality is that I need to work whilst helping my body heal from the healing it thought it was getting over the years with the wrong protocols.
    Thanks for your post x
    Love and light

    1. I totally understand the need to work while healing. I recommend a gentle detox in my programs. You can detox in a gentle way, but still have it be effective. When you find your detox symptoms have become too intense, take a step back. It you are eating all raw, bring in some steamed vegetables, like potatoes to slow down your detox. And be sure to stay hydrated to help flush those toxins out – lemon water or cucumber juice are a couple great options for that.

  9. Thank you so mucuh Muneeza! This is an old post but I encountered it at the right time! I know that all kinds of symtoms can occur and it makes sense. But when going through these now and every day something new. It is really 3 steps ahead and next day 2 steps backwards again. Just as Antony says. Good you are there and you share your thoughts!

    1. Yes Christiane, I agree. I like to think of it like a dance, a detox dance, if you will. Detox does not work in a straight line, but instead the healing happens in layers. We just need to remember when we feel like we’re stepping backwards, that it is only temporary. Before we know it, we will be moving forward again.

  10. Hi Muneeza! I want you to thank you for your work in this area, and especially this post. I have read it at least 6 times over the last few months as I have struggled with detox symptoms even though I haven’t done a full on structured MM detox yet. I get very discouraged with my mood changes and fatigue and this post has been a shining light for me. I have wondered if I am hurting myself with these changes because as I ramp up the good changes, I feel as bad as I did before any changes. As many of you have experienced, I have been less astray by many practitioners, but I do have faith in Anthony. Anyway, thank you. !!!!

    1. Jaime – OMG I read your comment and it brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad writing this has helped you. It makes me so happy that you have been able to find the strength you needed. You are not hurting yourself, your body is adjusting from being poisoned, yes? You are healing. You can do this. The community is with you. Blessings, love.

  11. Thank you. I really needed to hear this today. Having major detox symptoms, which scared me at first. Now I understand what is happening and can surrender to the process. Sending love.

  12. I have lived with Hepatitis C, fibomyalgia, extreme eczema (covering most of my body), chronic fatigue, joint and muscle pain, deterioration and brain fog of the worst kind for many years. I took the new “wonder drug” Harvoni and the Hep C virus is not active any more, but all the other things are still with me to varying degrees from month to month. Since starting to follow Anthony William’s diet and protocol, I am feeling much worse than I was before starting. It seemed I was making much improvement and now I’m almost incapacitated…much like I felt a few years ago. I have been following the best diet I could find…mostly an Ayurvedic one…for 4 years. I also take care of myself at every level, including the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social. I was just starting to take courses with the intent of getting back into the work I love, which is spiritual and health and healing coaching. Now, I’m waking up dragging myself around and finding very littel energy or enthusiasm for the day and all my activities. My husband is divorcing me, due to the long and unbearable (to him) health problems I’m having. Please, is this okay? I want to feel good again!!!!

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your struggles Chell. I know that your comment here was posted several months ago. I hope that in this time you have experienced some improvement. Please know that 100% healing is possible.

  13. Thank you for your time, my question is, I am NOT showing any signs of detoxing, I’ve been doing the protocol for 5 weeks, nothing has change, no headaches, no dry skin, nothing ….the only thing I noticed I got 3 big black and blues in one arm … Someone told me it could be my liver is very dirty and is not allowing my body to get rid of all the bad stuff… Any ideas? Thank you so much

    1. Lili, I am happy that you are not experiencing any strong detox symptoms. A gentle, but effective detox is what I teach in my programs. If you continue on following Anthony William’s teachings about how to detox correctly, you will find that your liver will improve and bruising that seems to not have an evident cause will lessen and eventually no longer be a symptom you have.

  14. I’ve been on this for 6 months after the initial cleanse and I’ve gained 20+ lbs. It would be one thing if I were a size 8-10 but I’m now a 12-14 and started out as an 6-8. I’m short and I’m now just plain fat and its not comfortable, it’s almost all around my middle and arms and looks like heart attack fat. None of my fat clothes fit and I’m miserable and ugly and angry. I want to quit this actually I just want to quit everything. At least I would be enjoying something like food instead of this restrictive diet where I can’t even go out anymore. It has killed my social life and is not helping my home relationships and I’m losing my mind. On top of that, Why does this diet make us so FAT? Is it not enough that we started with pain? This extra weight is harder on my joints and feet that already hurt! I keep hearing about how people on Plant based diets lose weight but this is ridiculously the Other way. Should I stop do something different?

    1. Tera, I am so so sorry you are struggling. To give you some insight on the weight gain, Anthony talks about this in his book Thyroid Healing on page 42. It happens when we start the protocol because its PART of the healing process. I have put on weight on my healing journey. I have also lost it. And put it on again. These journeys are not for the faint of heart. When you start to heal, lots of emotional stuff comes up. Anger, sadness, pain, hurt, abandonment, betrayal, unworthiness, shame, guilt are very common experiences. Just know that they are not YOU. You at your core are a beautiful being of light and I know as the warrior you are, you are on this path. if you were not a warrior you would have quit a long time ago. As you continue you will continue to change. Change is really the only constant. I hope that this provides you a way to look forward for you.

      1. Hello! Thank you for your post. I have begun the detox and am feeling the BLOAT and weight gain! I am on day five and i’m nervous that I am no longer ‘regular.’ Especially after all of the fruits and vegetables being eaten you would think going to the bathroom would be more often?? At this point I feel like I am gaining weight when originally I did not begin this cleanse to lose weight, but more for the digestive healing factors. Any advice on this would be so helpful, since i cannot find anywhere online that irregularity and constipation is a side effect =/ Thanks in advance!! Xo

  15. Hello Dear One, I have been strictly on MM cleanse and heavy metal detox smoothie and raw for last 4 months and things were going well, however during last 5 weeks I have been experiencing progressively worse and worse arthritic symptoms on my hands which I had never had any issues scared because it is disfiguring my finger and joins and making my hands look old even though I am only 40. I do not think that it is healing reaction because it is happening for weeks and getting worse and having physical visible impact on my hands…so scared? what is it about? Should I stop the heavy metal detox smothies? I think it is the cilantro redistributing too much heavy metals in my body….any advice? Thank you

  16. Hi, I have been doing medical medium cleans and heavy metal detox and protocols for last 4 months and love his work, however during last months, I am experiencing arthritic symptoms on my hands and even disfiguration of joints on my hands that I never had any troubles with before:(. I am really scared, I think it might be the cilantro in his heavy metal detox smoothies…any advice? Thank you

  17. i just needed to read this – having such a hard time with a month of migraines and now this weird eye blurriness- dd so many tests.. and now after reading MM i think its central nervous system issues.. he described it perfectly in the eye health one
    so i am following his book the migraine chapter and starting my supplements and I’m experiencing a lot of numbness and weird pains but crying it all out and hopefully it changes – i was wondering if you ee clients in australia via Skype etc? x

  18. There is a specific detox symptom I’ve run up across that is very troubling to me and it’s scared me enough to not push past it and keep on with the healing diet-would you please offer any insight you may have? Since I was a teenager (now 40) I have suffered from mild to moderate depression that I’ve always treated naturally, but now the 2-3 times I’ve tried Anthony’s diet suggestions I have run up across actual suicidal depression- even though I’m confident it’s a detox symptom do you have nay suggestions for supplements or anything to help push through it? ( It keeps scaring me off the detox.)

  19. Thank you Muneeza. With tears streaming down my cheeks I can relate to a lot to what you say and your inspiring words are so powerful. Even though you may believe and know them already, it’s so wonderful to hear/read them from someone else, especially from someone like yourself, particularly when you start to doubt yourself and you feel a bit on your own and don’t have anyone to really share with.
    Much love to you.

  20. This was a great article foe me to find. I have been suffering for about 15 years with CFS, fibromyalgia and more recently a form of trigrminal neuralgia. I was in complete despair and borderline suicidal. I am not religious, but I prayed for help. Shortly after I found and read the book by Anthony. I have been slowly implementing the protocols. My body is so sensitive and my liver so sluggish that I have to implement these protocols in stages-not all at once. Right now I am focusing on healing my gut and liver, eating better (more fruits and vegetables and less bad foods) and doing the heavy metal detox. There have been some days where I have had more energy and clearer vision and some days where I feel stiffness, pain cloudy vision etc. so yes I think every day is different and I just need to go with it. Once I get stronger I will add in more supplements (only taking b12, small amounts of vit c and zinc because of sensitivity) and get even more restrictive on my diet. I have noticed in the nearly four weeks of applying these protocols that I am gaining weight not losing so this article was really great to find today to keep me encouraged to do this. Thank you!

  21. Muneeza, I have kept one foot in tbis group, yet not totally immersed…so even tho’ I’ve had days of.compliance, I’ve had many more of non compliance. This in the gace of some success…how dumb is that?! I really needed to read about your journey and trials…that seems so much more authentic than hearing how successful you’ve been…for me the journey, regardless of outvome is valuable because there are no guarantees in life and the gift you’ve actually imparted is faithfulness! Trusting in each step regardless of how you’ve felt emotionally is the beacon that shines a light in our mind’s darkness, and that light and example is what sets you apart and illuminares our own path. Tha k you for being yhat beacon of hope!

  22. Siv Helen, that is amazing! I am thrilled to hear it. The Medical Medium information is just incredible for healing and I feel we are so lucky to have access to it. Thank you for being brave enough to take it on. Hugs to you and her.

  23. Ioana I am so thrilled that you found it helpful. Make sure you are on the mailing list, so you continue to receive all our blogs! If there are any questions I can answer for you about the cleanse, please do let me know. I would love to help. Sending you love and thanks for being here. BTW: please tell me how to say your name?

  24. Thank you so much for this reminder Muneeza. Since reading Medical Medium in November of 2015 and applying Anthony/Spirit protocols, my health has steadily gotten better. Fifteen months later, I’m working again and have found my calling, my purpose. Although it is difficult to always keep my face lifted toward the sun during the tough days, I can rest in the knowledge that I can fully heal. I needed to hear your message today. Thank you!

  25. Great discussion on weight, Muneeza. I too feel that I am fixated on losing a few lbs trying to get back to where I was in December 2014. It gets to a point of where it feels very frustrating that the weight is not moving. It helped me reading that you are slowly healing your liver as well. Hugs. <3

  26. THIS is the answer to my morning prayer! NO doubt. No joke! you see, for the first 12 weeks of being on the protocol since last Nov I healed so rapidly w minimal flare-ups (& would bounce back from flare-ups so quick it was amazing!!) I thought WOW this stuff really works! I’m gonna get my life back in no time 🙂
    Then came the worst ever flare-up bringing my earliest symptoms back in full blast! I could barely walk for days..pain, shame, guilt & doubt consumed me, (specially when you have 2 small kids to mind..)
    So this morning I prayed & prayed & asked the Angels to give me a clear sign to show me if I would ever get through this rough patch, if I’m on the right healing path..would I ever walk in the park w my kids? cook them a meal? list went on..
    Few hrs later this article shows up on my FB feed!

    Thank you Angels!
    Thank you Muneeza for all the work & love you’re spreading around to heal the world!
    I know I will heal 🙂
    Much of love & gratitude xo

    1. Awwww Thily – tears in my eyes as I read your post. Thank you so much for sharing. Healing is hard with little ones. You are a health warrior even if you don’t feel that way. This stuff does work, you will get through this flare, you will get better.

  27. Thank you Muneeza! You and Anthony are my earth angels. I thank God for you both every day. Your post is so timely as these thoughts crossed my mind yesterday as I was experiencing a rough belly day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your thoughts in your post! I really appreciate the reassurance!

  28. Thank you dear Muneeza for all your love and compassion and for all you are doing for us! It is so helpful and encouraging to feel the connection with you and all the ones that are on the same healing journey!!! thank you for being here for us all!!

  29. Thank you for this encouraging post! I have had symptoms for 12 years and been on a healing path for those years. It got so discouraging that I stopped trying to heal. I just recently came across Anthony’s book and it was a source of new inspiration to work toward renewed health again. So I feel grateful, hopeful, and also a little afraid.:)

    1. Meredith I am so sorry you have suffered for so long and that you were discouraged. It is easy for that to happen when we suffer a lot. I am so thrilled you found Anthony’s work. Do you have both books? Do you listen to his radio shows?

  30. Thank you so much for this letter, Muneeza! I know food is medicine. Thanks to Anthony William and Most High Spirit compassionately revealing us the truth about healthy Body and how to heal in modern times, I have found answers to what is happening and how I can heal my body and improve my life in many ways.I have food sensitivities and cravings and eating outside home is so stressful. Because I do feel like I want to eat the very thing that I know will make me sick or give me rash. Thinking about food in general makes me anxious, because I have some people telling me that I look too skinny. Her approach is that I need to eat more meat and eat things I want to eat, but sometimes it is confusing when it is addiction talking and when it is your body communicating. I am thrilled to experience that my feeling what is what is improving since I have been eating for couple of months now cleaner, and fresh food, lots of veges, greens and fruit. Even my depression has stopped to appear from nowhere as I have stopped eating eggs, dairy and gluten and sugar containing products.I imagine we all want the quick fix…I find it hardest when I am in state of needing nurturing…But no one but myself can give it to myself, including serving food..this is also very empowering, because I imagine by the time you learn, that you can give yourself all you need, you can heal your body and life, you know nothing is impossible and you are living your full potential. Wishing everyone strength to believe in One Self and Intelligence of own body and to be gentle with yourself when challenges come up. Lots of Love 🙂 <3

    1. Yes, Laura!!!! It is hard to nurture oneself. But it is the most important place where the nurturing starts. The old cravings will slowly fall away and they show up as old toxins from those same foods (like pizza, burgers, cheese, pastries, chocolate). When the toxins are released, we start to experience cravings for those same foods. With cravings, I always suggest taking a few really deep breaths and checking in with your body to see whether it REALLY wants that food, or with a few deep connected breaths the craving will pass. Yes, eating out can be stressful, but its easier if you plan it! I will be writing a post on how to make eating out easier as well… look out for that.

  31. Thank you for this post Muneeza it brought me to tears, your timing couldn’t have been better. I have been challenged with chronic illness for the last 16 years and have been house bound/bedridden the last three and half years. I thank the universe everyday that I connected with Anthony William and what I call the wellness warriors on Instagram this past July. I know that healing is not linear but there are those days that I forget about being kind to myself when I am struggling. Thank you for this heart felt post and all the healing that you do for so many. From my heart to yours, D

    1. Awww Deborah, thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. It is not linear, you are right, and it takes time and energy to commit. And for some, it can be a super long road.

  32. Such wisdom! Thank you, I always say this protocol is not for the faint of heart! I am thankful to have been lead to AW and this community! I know that the healing is deep and thorough. ❤

  33. You have summed up my experience perfectly, Muneeza. I am still suffering 1.5 years after my consult with Anthony (which came 15 year after my severe symptoms began) – so 18 months of continued pain and very very scary symptoms from my virus (those central nervous symptoms are the worst) plus the detox symptoms I’m undoubtedly going through. I have felt like giving up many, many times. You even told me when we talked that I’m one of the top 3 most sensitive people you’ve encountered (I’m sure there are many many of us out there). So thanks for the words of encouragement. Thank God and Spirit we have something we can actually work towards, and not just the clueless medical establishment peddling pills. Thanks for the work you do, and thank God for Anthony. Healing will come for me, and I hope for everyone within the sound of your voice.

    1. Margit,
      Yes I remember! Thank you for being here and thank you for sharing your story. It will help so many others. The nervous system takes a long time to heal.
      Many hugs to you,

  34. Thank you so much…..I have been so concerned about losing too much weight! I’ve been “labelled” with idiopathic facial pain so I’m not even sure what is causing so much constant pain in my gums and why it is continuing to spread but I am sticking to the supplements, healthy vegetables and fruit, plus herbal teas etc and I pray for myself and my family that I will get better. Thank you this is perfect timing as I started this in Nov 16 and everyday is a battle xxxx

    1. Jodie,
      I am so sorry about the idiopathic label – you really do have pain and the supplements and healthy foods will help. Are you taking enough of all the right supplements? Are you under the care of a practitioner? I pray for your healing, constant pain is debilitating. Sending Angels your way.
      Hugs and kisses, dearest, M

      1. Hi Muneeza! I’m really not sure whether I am taking the right supplements or quantity? I just pick which ones seem to fit. Eg B12, Zinc, Selenium, Cats Claw, L-Lysine (3000mg) magnesium glyc, lemon balm, liquorice root (2 droppers per day), ALAs. I’ve just received Sovereign silver, neuro mag and ester C. Can you over do the supplements? I also drink fresh herb tea, lemon balm, rose hip, nettle and chaga. I have an appointment with you in April and it can’t come quick enough! I’m also doing the heavy metal smoothie daily but minus the wild blueberries as we can’t get them here (UK). I also avoid all wheat, dairy, eggs and any form of MSG. Thank you so much for replying and being there for us. Blessings to you, Jodie xx

        1. Jodie, you seem to have a really good mix of supplements. You can overdo and under-do! Have you tried to order the wild blueberry powder from Vimergy? They do ship to the U.K. That is Medical Medium approved.

          1. I will try and order some thank you. What quantity do we use in smoothies to be effective? Thank you again for taking the time to read and comment xx

        2. Maybe because of the brain fog of CFS/ME, it was only recently I realised that wild blueberries are actually bilberries. There are some growing in nearby woods here in Northumberland, UK. I then went onto Amazon UK and found bilberry powder. It’s quite expensive. I found one that is about £8 post free for 100 g, and I think that is the cheapest you’ll get. I also saw dried elderberries, which I have just ordered and which I will convert into powder via a coffee grinder before sprinkling them, together with the bilberry powder, onto my breakfast.

  35. Bless you Muneeza for putting this out. It reaches many of us in a time of crisis. Just yesterday I was crying uncontrollably to my husband in great despair saying, “This is in sane! I can NOT be the only person on this planet earth who is going through this!” My loving husband feels helpless as he does not know how to help me. I can handle the pain and fatigue but it’s the depression that is overpowering at times. It seems no one understands the depression IS physical also. There has to be someone out there who understands what I am talking about.

    1. Karma Thank you so much for connecting here. Yes, depression is so so physical and its so hard for many/ most people to understand that. I am sending you so many prayers and angel wings to support you. You are healing, you CAN heal, you work for God. Love you. M

    2. I get it Karma… Only yesterday I too was crying so hard I thought my heart would break. Yes somebody out there is experiencing this, you are not alone. What makes me so angry is when we are told by professionals “it’s all to do with managing your pain”. Keep going xxx

  36. Muneeza, thank you. You have no idea how timely this was for me. This made me tear because It was an answer from the angels. I’ve been having the “why the hell aren’t I better” conversation with myself lately. I had a heated conversation with my angels today, well actually, I was kinda yelling at them. “Hello up there! Why am I alone here!” etc. Your post was their answer. So fabulous, right? Love it!!!!

    1. Tammy
      I have tears in my eyes from reading your comment. Thank you so much for sharing here. I too, felt like the angels pushed me to write this blog. I was about to go to sleep and I couldn’t and I pulled out my laptop and this poured out of me. In one shot, no editing, nothing. Thank you for the validation. Its amazing what happens when we cry out from within. We are always heard. Hugs M

  37. About 18 months ago, I was on that road….in fact, I was planning my funeral with my daughter and hubby as the pain was too much to bear, and life was no longer worth living….and then I started on AW protocol. I ordered the basic supplements and although it took a while (I have been eating nasty foods for 59+ yrs), slowly, very slowly, I have noticed that my sugars leveled out….I am no longer a diabetic, I am no longer anemic, I had so called psoriasis of the nails, and now my nails are longer and healthier than they have been in the past 15 years or so… please be patient everyone…you can do it…cause you are worth it!

  38. Tears in my eyes … LOVE … appreciation … gratitude … Thank you Muneeza … We are a lot of people around the world struggling just to find foods and products we can buy in our own country. We are praying for support in this area … and trust that this, too, in time will come! HUGS <3

    1. Diane first of all, thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. I am glad it resonated for you – as much as I wrote this for myself, I wrote it for every single person struggling. Yes, the foods and supplements are slowly becoming more available. May I ask which country you live in? Do you know the website They are good about delivering internationally many of the supplements on Anthony’s list.

      1. Denmark :-)) Yes, we all know about and many other sites globally. And we are 5000 in the Danish Facebook group supporting each other in Denmark (WOW!) Still bumping into walls, and praying for Anthony and Spirit to branch out into the international community. For example, are Swedish wild blueberries just as good as Maine’s? Love and appreciation for all that you do <3

  39. I appreciate you discussing the weight issue. I have lost too much weight and have been unable to put any back on. The opposite problem of what most people have to deal with. It is scary at times, but I look forward to our meeting a few months from now to discuss the WHY’s and the HOW TO’s!!

  40. Thank you M. Just hearing these words have renewed my faith in my body’s ability to heal. In God’s time…xoxo Praying for you too.

  41. Thanks for this .. we do need encouragement along the way! I have been off thyroid meds since Sept and thyroid numbers are normal, which is a miracle!! But, the anxiety has gone crazy. I’ve come a long way since April last year, still have healing to do. AW is a God send and I’m so thankful God allowed me to find him.

    1. Susan – yes, we all need encouragement, even me! It is truly a miracle that you are off your meds and that your numbers are normal. We are all super super thankful to Anthony. He is a miracle to mankind.

  42. Thank you for this article. You are right, it can take a long time to heal as I have been eating healthy now for about 6 months and I only just started to feel better. So as Muneeza says, don’t give up, healing will happen.

    1. Liz,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. I am so thrilled to hear you are on a healing path. Healing will happen. Sending you so many love and hugs.

  43. I haven’t committed to reading and creating changes to healing and this is such a great post, thank you for the encouragement!

  44. Thanks for the positive reminder!
    My one question is, like Anthony has his list of approved supplements, can places that make vegan cheese be listed? Once you shared Miyokoskitchen ..Then later found out too much yeast…I threw out several products I had. Is there a better place to use?
    Are there other places to share where to get good products?

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I’m humbled to have supported over 9,000 people in 72 countries (and counting) to heal with the perfect blend of education, support and community. If you’re ready for your journey from hope to deep healing, you’re in the right place. LEARN MORE

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Muneeza Ahmed - Medicine Woman

Healing is my living, my purpose and my path.

I’m humbled to have supported over 9,000 people in 72 countries (and counting) to heal with the perfect blend of education, support and community. If you’re ready for your journey from hope to deep healing, you’re in the right place. LEARN MORE

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