Insight & Intuition: Medicine for Today's Woman

The Mold Protocol I needed to Use

from Muneeza on Vimeo. So, this happened. I had to have my entire basement gutted due to a water leak and mold growth situation. My hubby was out of town. I was handling work and three kids solo. I am HIGHLY reactive to mold. Was I freaking out?? HELL yeah. I started...

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A Healthy Halloween!

Hope you are all starting to enjoy the crispiness of the fall air, the changes of colors and stepping into the fact that fall is FINALLY here, better late than never. And with that, we have to start thinking about Halloween, especially if you have kids who celebrate...

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Rawtella is dangerously delicious!

Can you all tell I am on a raw cacao kick right now??? I guess it's another phase that should pass soon. But right now I am LOOOVEEE ING it. Anyone else craving chocolate? From their website: Rawtella is a decadent hand crafted raw vegan treat that will satisfy your...

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