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Are you close to quitting? Are you wondering why your healing detox is not working for you?

by | Feb 24, 2017

Ever been on the low end of your health and feeling like you are never going to get out of it? Yeah, I know you have been there, so have I. And plain and simple, it sucks.

Here’s the truth, though – I love what Anthony William, Medical Medium shares – no two days are the same and things are always changing. And this too will pass. I hear you, WHEN? You ask. I cannot go on one more day like this. For those who have lower viral loads, or less aggressive viruses, or low levels of toxins or really great detox pathways, you may or may not have faced being on the utter brink of giving up with your health that I am talking about here. But those with chronic health issues where you cannot get up out of bed, or move, or do the things that you could do before, and are living a life FAR FAR different from the one you dreamed about, please know that there is hope. I know many of you are in chronic pain in your nerves, joints, muscles, bones, in your head with migraines and may be experiencing a really high level of viral symptoms, or having multiple viruses and bacteria as well as radiation and heavy metal toxicity… and you feel so bad you feel its not worth living this life.

You would never have before ever had these thoughts of not wanting to embody your physical being, but you feel so so terrible, that those thoughts are coming up daily. Its not worth living like this. I would rather die than continue.

Let me share something with you. If you are following Medical Medium protocols, eating fresh fruits and vegetables and supported with some key supplements for your health, you have access to and have implemented some of the best health care on planet earth. I ask you this, if you are eating food grown from Mother Earth, how can you not heal? My personal belief is that it is a question of when, not if.

You have to understand that we live in a very toxic world. We are faced with toxins DAILY that feed viruses. Our air is polluted with heavy metals, industrial waste, VOCs. Our water is polluted with fluoride, chlorine and all the drugs that are peed out by the prescription taking public. This can include birth control (yes, men and boys if you are drinking unfiltered water, you are getting doses of female birth control), antibiotics (you eat antibiotic free meat? You are still exposed by drinking tap water), and other drugs that people take. These are not necessarily filtered out of our water supply. Also there can be run off from farms and pesticides, also containing heavy metals and glyphosate and other dangerous chemicals. And what about our food supply? Its loaded with chemical fertilizers, pesticides and GMOs. Even our organic food contains some level of pesticide as it is not required to be 100% chemical free in order to be labelled organic.

Yes. I know. It sounds depressing. But I will tell you – those fruits and vegetables you are eating, are saving your life. Those herbal teas you are drinking, they pull all kinds of poisons out of your body. And you are detoxing daily by eating that way. So poisons are always being pulled out of you.

You may not be aware of this, but often in the most severe cases of malaise, you can experience more aggressive symptoms and pain as you are healing. Pain can be a huge symptom of the liver healing and letting go, in some cases.

Why do I share this? Well because it is only very recent that we have even become aware of all the information that Anthony William, Medical Medium has shared with us about how to heal and in the recent few years, its just not enough sometimes to see a complete healing. Many of us are finding his information in our 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, sometimes even later. So we have had tens of years eating wrong and being exposed to poisons. Those are not going to all come out and you heal in 6 months (although you can find that you do get better in 6 months, sometimes the journey is longer), sometimes we need 3-4 years for a full healing. I wish I could tell you that there was a one quick fix – there is not.

I personally have been dealing with a sluggish liver for years and my weight does not move like I want it to. I could get upset and depressed (and I have certainly been there), but because I do not like how that feels, I always look for the light. I feel peaceful inside often because I know that in time, I WILL heal. This is the message I want you all to know. No matter WHERE you are in your journey, no matter HOW bad you feel, you will heal. I have had breathing issues for YEARS. Literally not able to breathe, struggling. It really killed my nervous system. And after weeks and months of doing things right, I started to feel shifts. I have clients I know who are bed ridden or on very low function, and they slowly by doing the protocols have turned around, inch by inch.

Some people have the opposite problem – meaning that they lose weight too quickly. You have to know that weight is simply a function of the rest of your health and a stable healthy weight is what we eventually want to aim for. Sometimes when we lose weight too quickly we are letting go of some stuff that they body can do very quickly and we can put weight back on again. The problem is that most people who are either gaining weight or losing weight, think at the time, that this is a problem that will last forever. And it wont. Your body is always changing. I used to be a size 2 at one point on my healing journey. I am now a size 8-10. Can I be different? Yes. But I am not focused on the size of my clothing, and yet I UNDERSTAND how much of our energy as women is focused on to weight. If you are able to give yourself a gift through healing work, aim to disconnect your fixation on weight and size. All those things indicate where the state of our health is at but more weight does not equal unhealthy and less weight does not always equal healthy. At my size 2, I felt a little too gaunt in my body.

Also each of us has our unique blend of viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides etc. We have unique detoxification pathways in the body that in some of us work better than in others. So we have to be gentle with ourselves and our bodies. And while you may want to you push yourself to do a more aggressive detox, your body might not be able to handle it AT ALL and you have to go very slow. And I know the frustration this can bring. It SUCKS. In one word. SUCKS.

We crave things we are not supposed to eat and we can be so emotionally tied to what is happening in our bodies and it becomes hard to do the things we even want to. So i encourage you to get emotional support if you face this. It can be critical to get this support, because it can mean the difference between staying on track and not. If you find yourself around people who are not supporting your journey, or who create doubt for you, remove yourself from them. If you are in a group where there is a lot of fear, get out. The energy of fear does NOT help us. We have to be supported along our path. Yes, doubts happen, but there is no other person on this planet who has identified the viruses and poisons we face so CLEARLY as has Anthony William, Medical Medium and the pathway to heal, from Spirit of Most High. We are pioneers healing our bodies this way. And there are tens of thousands of examples of success here, where people had NO success using other methods or diets.

If you are struggling, I want you to remember this:

  • everything changes
  • you have the best health care plan
  • it is possible to 100% heal for every human in this world
  • you are facing poisons every day, so there are times those can trigger flares
  • You will heal even if you experience flares
  • if something is not working, we have still more work to do
  • it is really scary when you experience symptoms that are new, and you don’t know where they are from
  • you are LOVED
  • you WILL HEAL its a question of when, not if.

All of you who are on a healing journey and struggling: you have my total respect and compassion. I want you to KNOW this.

I am with you. I am praying for you. I support you.

Together we heal.

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